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Kingdoms Fall is Literary Classics’ Best First Novel and Gold Seal winner for Historical Fiction 2016!

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     Welcome, and thank you for visiting the official website for the three Kingdoms Fall novels by Edward Parr. This website is a companion website to the Kingdoms Fall novel series. The Kingdoms Fall series tells the story of the First World War from the perspective of two British officers recruited into the fledgling Secret Intelligence Service. As David Gresham, a streetwise Lieutenant from Manchester, and Captain James Wilkins, top boy at Eton and son of an influential British Lord, pursue their missions for Great Britain, they see (and some times cause) major events that shook the very foundations of Europe during the the Great War. The first novel begins at Gallipoli and continues the story to Greece, Serbia, Austria, and France, while around the young agents Europe begin to fall apart. The novels are historical fiction and focus on the politics and intrigue behind the scenes as well as major military actions. The fictional characters are woven into actual places and events, and an extended afterward discusses the historical matters and persons incorporated into the story. Kingdoms Fall is Literary Classics’ Best First Novel and Gold Seal winner for Historical Fiction 2016! “If classroom history could be this good History would be the most popular subject.”


It is now 100 years since World War One began on July 28, 1914 when Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia. The fighting ended on November 11, 1918 with an armistice. This website is a companion to the Kingdoms Fall novels and a general resource for those who wish to learn more about the war. For more information about the First World War, including videos, podcasts, photos, timelines, suggested reading, and links to many other websites dedicated to commemorating the First World War, please click here.


For current news about events and commemorations of the First World War, please click here.


In the first novel, The Laxenburg Message, Gresham and Wilkins will pierce the heart of the Hapsburg dynasty in Austria- Hungary. In the second novel, The Korniloff Affair, they will become embroiled in the Russian Revolution. And, in the third novel, The Wieringen Proposal, the Hohenzollern dynasty of Germany is their target. For more information about the Kingdoms Fall series, please click here.

Literary Classics Top Honors Book Awards honoring excellence in literature for children and young adults

Literary Classics Top Honors Book Awards honoring excellence in literature for children and young adults

5starsPortland Book Review says: “”Edward Parr’s historical fiction features breathtaking scenes portraying real events from World War I in his Kingdoms Fall series. . . . [T]he story is easily addictive as the reader is caught up in some remarkable events. Non-stop action drives the story to its conclusion and it avoids feeling like a history lesson even though it is historically based.”

From the Author:

“I hope that those who read my novels will want to learn more about the Great War and be inspired to pursue their own research. On this free website, you will find educational materials about the war including a timeline, documents, information about books and films, podcasts, videos, and photographs as well as links to other websites that have much more information. We will also post news about the commemorations of the centennial of the Great War, as we remember the more than 38 million soldiers and civilians who were wounded or died in the terrible conflict between 1914 and 1918. Thank you for visiting this website.”

– Edward Parr











Kingdoms Fall, The Laxenburg Message, The Korniloff Affair and The Wieringen Proposal are ©2012-2016 by Edward Parr. All rights reserved. Mr. Parr can be contacted at webmaster at kingdomsfallnovel dot com. For information about this site’s privacy policies, copyright and use, please click here.

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