The Korniloff Affair

The highly-anticipated second novel in the Kingdoms Fall series, The Korniloff Affair, is now available for purchase online as a paperback and e-book.


Kindle® E-Book available from HERE.

Paperback available in the US HERE and HERE

UK E-Book and Paperback HERE and HERE

SUMMARY: Great Britain isn’t the only empire seeking to undermine its enemies behind the front lines. A German agent provocateur named “Dunn” has been inciting rebellion in Ireland and India, and British S.I.S. agents Gresham and Wilkins must race through Europe from the Somme to Jidda trying to track him down while traveling to Romania to convince the still-neutral nation to declare war on Germany and Austria-Hungary. However, they soon discover that Great Britain’s crucial ally on the Eastern Front, Russia, is on the verge of total collapse. Wilkins must help to rebuild a country in ruins and hold on to the love of his life while Gresham seeks revenge upon Dunn. The novel includes “cameos” by The Earl Kitchener, Mussolini, and Stalin, among many others.

317 pages and 5 maps!