The Wieringen Proposal

The third book in the Kingdoms Fall series is entitled The Wieringen Proposal. The author is currently writing this novel. It will be available for purchase online on December 1, 2015.


The SUMMARY: After fleeing from Bolshevik Russia, Wilkins and Gresham are no longer trusted agents of the British Secret Intelligence Service and, after a crucial meeting at Passchendaele, strike out on their own – Gresham to France and Wilkins to Italy – just as the United States finally joins the fighting. However, victory may not be inevitable, and what does the future hold in store for the British empire, Germany, Austria, and the rest of Europe as Russia devolves into chaos? Wilkins considers changing sides, while Gresham finds that the Americans are ready to fight a modern war. Somehow they must seek to put Europe back together. This novel includes “cameos” by David Lloyd George, George Clemenceau, General John Pershing, and Kaiser Wilhelm II.