Kingdoms Fall is Literary Classics’ Best First Novel and Gold Seal winner for Historical Fiction 2016 – “If classroom history could be this good History would be the most popular subject.” – Literary Classics

Literary Classics Top Honors Book Awards honoring excellence in literature for children and young adults

Literary Classics Top Honors Book Awards honoring excellence in literature for children and young adults

5stars “Edward Parr’s historical fiction features breathtaking scenes portraying real events from World War I in his Kingdoms Fall series. . . . [T]he story is easily addictive as the reader is caught up in some remarkable events. Non-stop action drives the story to its conclusion and it avoids feeling like a history lesson even though it is historically based.” – Portland Book Review

“The exciting plot develops fast as Gresham recruits young Wilkins to join him on a series of quick-paced missions attempting to influence political actions in favor of Britain and her allies. At times, the action literally leaps from one critical event or decision to another as the setting shifts from behind enemy lines at Gallipoli to Greece, followed by Serbia and ultimately to Austria. While it is not fathomable our heroes would be able to influence so many events in one year, it does make for fast-paced reading. … The book is an enjoyable read from both a historical fiction and spy thriller perspective. It leaves the reader waiting for the next adventures of David Gresham and James Wilkins in the Kingdom Falls series.” – Dennis Linton, Roads to the Great War (blog), Feb. 11, 2014

“I’ll be the first to admit that I loved the mystery aspect of James Bond and other spy books. The way the author was able to bring in real people, places, and events and tie them to the work of fiction was awesome. Between the single letter names, politics, and action, I’d recommend this book to any spy fan out there. It’s going back on my “Read Again” shelf!” –

“This captured my interest right from the beginning because having read several World War II books, this one begins at Suvla Bay, Gallipoli and offers an exciting insight into what happened at the Battle of Gallipoli within the Ottoman Empire. The visual effect of the book is stunning and hides none of the bloody horrors of war. Lieutenant David Gresham is the hero of the book, and his first, somewhat unorthodox mission, is to rescue an Arab called ‘Mahammed al-Faruqi’ from behind enemy lines. As the true nature of his mission is classified, he remains mystified as to what British ‘Civilian’ Intelligence might want with him. The book becomes very intriguing from this point on: “You may call me K. There are no names here, nor are there any Misters Peters or Nash, you should know. I am the individual M sent you to meet.” I almost felt I had fallen into the middle of a James Bond novel, but will have to admit I found this a much better read. Without giving too much of the plot away, ‘The Laxenburg Message,’ is one of the reasons behind all the secrecy and what Gresham and his cohort Wilkins must set out to deliver, at great personal risk to themselves. They will meet with some of the highest echelons of Austrian society in order to accomplish their aim. I loved the politics between the officers, the class differential between those of the lower ranks and those higher up and the complete realism. Whilst this book is a work of fiction, much of it based on actual historical events, places and people. My verdict? A thoroughly engrossing, 5 Star read!” – Anari on


“Thrilling and enjoyable story about the First World War. Before there were Nazi’s and the Holocaust and Pearl Harbor, there were kingdoms and empires crumbling across Europe, there was the Armenian genocide, there was Gallipoli and Verdun. Although a British spy story on it’s face, “Kingdoms Fall – The Laxenburg Message” (the first book in a series of three) is a saga about the war itself and about how the world was changing, or at least how it appeared to be changing to the two main heroes of the story – a clever and vicious young Lieutenant from the streets of Manchester and an even younger but brilliant Captain who is the son of a Lord and top student at Eton. In this first book, we meet the young spies and see them mature – I can hardly wait to see where they go from here. Highly recommended for fans of historical fiction, spy stories, or military fiction. It’s an exciting, fun and suspenseful story that will remind you why WWI was called the Great War.” – James Shore on

“[A] fine novel of this particular period of world development and realignment.” – Historical Novel Society

On The Korniloff Affair: “The storytelling is illustrative and action-packed. This book is highly recommended, and as a reader and historian I eagerly await the next in the “Kingdoms Fall” series.” Dennis Linton, Roads to the Great War

The first two books in the Kingdoms Fall series, entitled The Laxenburg Message and The Korniloff Affair are now available for purchase both in print and as a Kindle e-book (also for the Kindle app on iPads, iPhones, and Android devices). Get the e-book for only $2.99/£2.05. Click on these links to purchase The Laxenburg Message  now, and thank you.

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